We leverage our financial expertise, knowledge of business processes, industry insight and technology experience to advise clients on their enterprise management priorities.

Asset Management

The time when a successful PMO’s charter would be defined by implementing a complex program or delivering projects on-time, on-budget and with agreed upon deliverables has faded.  Given today’s business environment, these are now minimal goals. A broader set of centralized services is essential in maximizing your investments and management must realign its focus on this value proposition to the organization. Enhancing Portfolio Management to a more sophisticated model requires an ongoing mechanism to plan and deliver products and services to meet committed targets to achieve customer and shareholder satisfaction.

What we do

The COR3 Asset Management practice is comprised of commercial lending and trade order management advisory and implementation professional services solutions.  We offer consulting services to implement the leading technology solutions for commercial lending and trade order management systems.

    Commercial Lending

    Our expertise

    COR3’s commercial lending expertise is built on a complete understanding of the commercial lending business and the premier technologies and systems that drive loan trading.  COR3 has several years of supporting various commercial lending projects for some of the world’s leading banks and primary participants in the loan trading, syndications and participations market.

    Our highly skilled resources and dedication to your success is our collective goal and we are very excited to work with potential commercial lending customers. Specifically, COR3 brings:

    • Independent Perspective – By selecting COR3, our customers will benefit from having a service provider who is independent of the system vendor. Our independent perspective means we will be your advocate and help you to weigh the different alternatives to make objective processing decisions.
    • Depth of related experience with commercial lending Implementations – The core team within our commercial lending practice possess extensive experience with commercial lending implementations and specifically loan migrations, trading, accounting, development and integration projects.
    • Experience with the leading commercial lending clients – COR3 has had the opportunity to work with the largest commercial lending clients in the world and has performed a wide variety of commercial lending initiatives ranging from full-blown implementations, upgrades and loan migrations. By virtue of our experiences with large commercial lending installations, we have an intimate understanding of the implementation lifecycle and can lever best practices and lessons learned and give potential new commercial lending clients the best possible chance for a successful implementation. COR3 will use this knowledge base to effectively build a roadmap to execute and deliver a successful project.


      Trade Order Advisory

      Our expertise

      Our expertise in Trade Order Advisory is anchored in the implementation of new automation for order management systems facilitating sales & trading which often requires new workflow, policies, and procedures. We can help analyze existing processes and design new workflows and procedures to properly correspond with these automation techniques. Typically, we design new processes in line with industry goals of achieving straight-through processing (STP).  Workflow functionality enables efficient management of transactions as they advance through their lifecycles. Trades are captured easily, and data integrity is maintained as they move from front to back office.

      COR3 provides workflow analysis and assessments to gain a more detailed understanding of overall operating efficiency and working practices of business units.  We research, analyze and map the core work and process flows to provide and formulate an approach enhancing operational efficiency, and more importantly, reducing the firm’s overall risk exposure and operational cost.    This approach offers the ability to recognize potential areas on which to focus and target efficiency protocols.    The goal of this effort is to identify enhancements that would greatly benefit the business in its processing efficiency, focusing on those practices that are required to support transactions.  This initiative is performed to optimize time and effort, and to provide solutions that will align the business units vertically (instead of functionally) and improve the interrelationship of the core business units. The delivery of this effort yields increased productivity during the execution of the day-to-day responsibilities; elimination of manual activities to the greatest extent possible and streamlining of systems flows.  Upon completion of the initial assessment, we will then define the changes mandated by the analysis phase and develop the strategies and tactics to comply and implement these mandates.

      We specialize in the following:

      • Front, middle and back-office system integration
      • Trade order management and straight through processing (STP)
      • Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
      • Benchmarking and Best in Class Analysis
      • Workflow analysis and reengineering

      Risk Management

      What we do

      The COR3 Risk Management practice provides industry wide perspectives and insight with deep expertise ranging from enterprise risk management strategy to effective risk mitigation solution design, implementation, and deployment.  Our professionals possess detailed industry and product knowledge, quantitative capability and strong analytical and strategic execution acumen.  We combine in-depth financial service industry experience with best-in-class execution and provide practical straight forward solutions and focus on delivering value to our clients while building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

      Our Expertise

      Risk management and independent valuation

      • Portfolio market risk analysis and modeling
      • Value-at-Risk (VaR) methodology and model development, review, maintenance
      • Quantitative risk analysis, modeling and review
      • Regulatory and governance framework implementation and communication

      Project management

      • Financial services industry specific project management
      • Client relationship management
      • Process improvement and risk control in financial services industry

      Regulatory and Compliance

      Financial Service organizations are managing global environments driven by business imperatives and regulatory mandates.  Comprised of legacy and disparate systems, as a result of mergers & acquisitions, these organizations are challenged with delivering business directives, simultaneously, with corporate initiatives and regulatory functionality globally.

      What we do

      Policies & Procedures – Assist Management with developing effective policies and procedures as well as reviewing and assessing existing policies and procedures.

      BSA/AML Program Assessment – Comprehensive review and risk assessment of the banks BSA/AML Program including transaction surveillance, KYC/CDD, identity verification, watchlist monitoring, investigation process, case management, and reporting.

      Compliance Reviews – Proactive scheduled reviews, independent testing, Lookbacks, and IT Security reviews.

      Compliance Staffing Support – AML analysis and investigative services either on site or remote.  May be temporary, seasonal, ongoing, or outsourced.

      Regulatory Examination Support – Consultation to resolve examination issues, assist with MOU/Agreement response, remediation planning, provide temporary staffing.

      Our Expertise

      Implementation – Utilize established and proven processes and procedures to assess, design, implement, and test compliance solutions that will ensure regulatory requirements are achieved.

      Risk Based Methodology – Apply a risk-based methodology when implementing or developing BSA/AML and fraud related solutions as a means of increasing the program’s effectiveness and return on investment.

      Business Analysis – Gathering and documenting requirements, liaise between business and technology, create business specifications and functional design documents, perform what if analysis and results tuning to reduce false positive alerts.

      Product Selection – Product agnostic and work with all major AML and compliance vendors. We do not get referral fees or any other payments from the vendors. We do focus on identifying and recommending the best solutions for our clients.

      Customized Solutions – Expertise and experience designing and architecting custom solutions in order to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirement gaps within the bank’s current process as well as to improve the program’s efficiency.

      Insurance Services

      COR3 offers our clients products that address real life financial challenges, financial flexibility and stability they need. We help clients prepare for the future by offering insurance protection with products that can protect the life they’ve built.

      What we do

      Business Strategies

      Small business owners need financial and insurance solutions for themselves and their employees.  We help clients meet the need to ensure the future security of their businesses by protecting a business against the sudden death of a Key Executive, funding of a partnership Buy-Sell Agreement by protecting a deceased owner’s interest and providing Section 162 nonqualified plans in the form of incentivized Executive Bonus Plans.

      Retirement Strategies

      We offer clients a variety of options to help prepare for their leisure years. We help clients properly design a retirement strategy that protects against market volatility using a policy that offers tax advantages that no other single product can provide. The death benefit creates a financial legacy that is passed to loved ones (tax free) to protect against financial uncertainty.

      Legacy Strategies

      Depending on the state where a client resides, probate can be both time consuming and costly. COR3 works with a client’s attorney and tax professional in finding legacy strategies to properly structure their estate and bypass probate. Products that include life insurance and retirement products with designated beneficiaries, will secure your financial legacy.

      Our Expertise

      COR3 is focused on protecting personal and corporate assets of companies and individuals. We develop marketing and presentation materials and deliver presentations to clients, policy holders and senior management with the goal of creating awareness and understanding of insurance products with specific synergies that exceed the return of traditional insurance products. We work with our clients to provide one-on-one evaluations and assessments to add structure and evaluate insurance and to ensure protection needs are being met; and propose alternative solutions accordingly.

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