Welcome to COR3 Advantage

COR3 Advantage is an IT consulting firm that provides onsite project management and delivery of integrated business solutions supporting mission critical business processes for government agencies, diversified financial institutions, and retail and consumer product companies. We deliver cost effective business solutions by offering a depth of product and technological expertise through a diverse pool of business and technical resources that provide a broad range of experience in project management, system technology and financial operations. Our unique affiliations between the securities industry’s leading service providers and technology partners enable us to emphasize risk and cost reduction, while safeguarding existing technology investments. We help our clients manage their enterprise by leveraging our core domain expertise, knowledge of business processes, industry insight and technology experience.

COR3 DELIVERS on three pillars



Our commitment to our clients is to provide integrity, leadership and people that are results driven making positive and impactful differences.


Our promise is to hold the vision and trust the process.  We believe If you quit on the process you are quitting on the result.


Our goal is to use technology as a tool that when used appropriately it brings people together and it is still magical even though you know how it’s done.


  • - Vision
  • - | Communication
  • - | Implementation
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